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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Passing Years by David C. Jensen

A few years ago I decided to do a "Google Search" on Ole and Maria. Boy, was I surprised when I found a website with histories and pictures. I could hardly believe it. The information was part of a website that has since been shut down and has been moved to this blog.
Some of the information was quoted from The Passing Years by David C. Jensen. It took me a long time and many phone calls to find a copy of the "book". It is not a published book but a typewritten manuscript that had been copied for family members. I was able to connect with David's son and he so graciously sent me a copy. I am not going to post the names of living individuals but I would be more than happy to share information if contacted.
David C. Jensen was the son on Antone H. Jensen the son of David Jensen, Ole's younger brother. I am going to quote some of the book that tells about Ole.

Ole Petterborg was born August 15, 1825 in Toten, Norway. He was the son of Ole Olsen and Gulline Olsen. Ole had two half-brothers, David and Antone Jensen. Ole came to America in 1873.
Ole changed his name from Olsen to Petterborg. The name Olsen was common in Ole's section of Norway. The various Olsens were identified by the place they lived. So it was with Ole. He was called Ole of Petterborg. Ole liked Petterborg better than Olsen.
Ole married Marie Eriksen. Marie was born November 6, 1827 in Norway. She died January 24, 1878. To this union were born nine children. The children were born in Norway. There names are Gine, John, Matilda, Emil, Even, Beate, who died in 1862, Beate who was born in 1864, Christine, and Oliane.
Even did not marry. He drank considerably during his life time which caused him to be hospitalized. He died in Walla Walla, Washington at the age of 78. He was brought back to Preston to be buried.
Two of the children died, but the rest married and had families. John Olsen settled in Ohio. He married twice and had two families. He and two boys were killed in a saw mill.
Emil settled in Preston. He is the only one who retained the name Petterborg, so he is the main root of the Petterborgs.
Ole homesteaded the place across from the Fifth Ward church. His place ran one mile north and was 1/4 mile wide. Christensen owned the place were Ole's house sat.
Ole was tall and thin. While he was in Norway, he did some drinking. He was mean during this time and would beat his wife. He was good otherwise. He was very close on money matters.
Ole lived a very quiet life. He did not take an active part in the affairs of the day. He accepted the gospel in April 1866. He was the type of man who tended his own business in a very mild mannered way.
Ole died in December 1885. He is buried in the Preston cemetery.
The name Petterborg is becoming common in the West. Ole left to his kin a unique name. The name started with him and will grow and grow. (from page 49)
 This information and a family group sheet is what I used to help me get started on my research for Ole and Maria. A few things are different than what I have since learned but it was such a thrill to have this information about MY family.
Below is a little more information from The Passing Years. It was written about David but since David and Ole are half-brothers, it also gives a good insight into Ole's life.

David Jensen's father, Jen Johansen, was a miller. Jens operated a small water power mill on the river that runs through the central part of what is called East and West Toten [Norway].
David's mother, Gulline Olsen Johansen, was a very large woman. She was tall and stately. Her hands and feet were very large for a woman. She was known among the people of Toten as Gulline Grotten. Grotten was the name of the place or house that she lived in after her husband, Jens, died. Jens was sixty-four years old when he married Gulline. Gulline was thirty-seven when she married.
Gulline had a child, before her marriage to Jens, who was named Ole Olsen. The records show that Ole's father's name was Ole Olsen. Ole went by the name of Ole Petterborg in America. Ole was born August 15, 1825.
Jens had been married before he married Gulline, and had raised a large family. Jens' first wife was Dorthe Gudmunsen Johansen. David's seven half sisters names were Marie, Agnethe, Johanne, Gulline, Hellene, Elline, and one name unknown.
Jens and Gulline had three children: David, Johannes who lived just a few hours and, Antone.   (from page 3)

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