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Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Brothers with Completely Different Names

It seems that many of these beginning posts have dealt with names and their differences. As a genealogist, I have become aware of the importance of knowing a person's name or even names and the variations there may be. I have already written about patronymics in the Scandinavian countries but the practice really does make a big difference in knowing who to search for.
I decided, a couple of years ago, to try and find others who are related to Ole and Maria so that I could gather and share information with as many people as possible. I thought it might be a good idea to start doing collateral research--looking for Ole and Maria's brothers and sisters and their descendants.
It had not dawned on me that Ole's siblings had a different surname but they did. Ole was the illegitimate child of Ole Olsen and Gulline Olsdatter. His parents never married but when he was almost 11 years old, his mother married Jens Johansen. Jens and Gulline had 3 children, David, Johannes and Antone. David and Anton's surname was Jensen and Johannes' was Jensdatter.
A bell went off in my head--I had see a David Jensen also living in the Preston, Idaho area. Preston is where Ole and Maria settled in America. It ended up that this David Jensen was indeed Ole's younger brother. I have been blessed to find contacts on that side of Ole's family and they have shared wonderful information.
David moved to Franklin, Idaho in 1867 and Ole arrived in the area in 1876.
I am glad there was family waiting for them in this strange new country of America!

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