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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anne Mathea

It happened!!! Just what I was hoping would happen. I have connected with cousins and they shared beautiful pictures with me. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping would happen.
One cousin, R. P. sent pictures that were photocopied several years ago and I am trying to track down the originals. I will be excited to share those. D.R. sent pictures of Anne Mathea and gave permission to post them on the blog.
I previously mentioned that I am not going to post the information of living individuals but I will be more than willing to share contact information, if you get in touch with me.
If you see that I misspell a name, use the wrong date or post something that is not correct, please let me know.
I don't have a lot of information on Anne Mathea (I wish I knew what name she went by. Maybe someone can tell me!) but I will share what I have found in my research--from the time she was born until she came to America. I know there is much more about her but I have done absolutely no further research. DR did tell me she has a booklet written about Anne Mathea's life for a family reunion and she will share that with me after her move into a new home. I will post that information in a future blog. There are three more pictures at the end of this post. Be sure to see them.
Picture provided and used by permission of D.R.

Anne Mathea was born 23 Dec.1853 in Holvinsholm, Nes, Hedmark, Norway. She was christened 16 Apr 1854 in Nes, Hedmark, Norway. Here is an image of the record:

 I found the digitized images on The National Archives of Norway website. The source is listed as: Hedmark county, Nes, Parish register (official) nr. 4 (1852-1886), Birth and baptism records 1854, page 17.
The permanent page link will show the entire image.

I also found her LDS Church baptism and confirmation record. She was baptized 19 Aug 1867 and confirmed 20 Aug 1867 in Nes, Hedmark, Norway. Here is an image of the record:

I found this record on a roll of microfilm at the Family History Library. She is listed right below her parents. The source is film #123202 Item 5--Norway-LDS Church Records--Record of Members, 1861-1873 Hadeland. The image is not as clear as I would like it to be. I made them about 3 years ago and did not know how to enhance them. I was too anxious tonight to get them up on the blog to work with them. I may repost better images later.

I next found her emigration record. I found that she emigrated 30 Aug 1879 through Copenhagen, Denmark. It has her listed as Martha Peterborg, age 26 years and sailing on the ship Wyoming. The microfilm at the Family History Library was #0040994--Passageer-liste for udvandrerskibene fra KĂžbenhavn til Hull, 1872-1894 (Passenger lists of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the Scandinavian Mission who emigrated between the years 1872 to 1894), p.267. I think this record was kind of a synopsis of her emigration because the ship, Wyoming, only traveled between Liverpool and New York.

LDS emigrants usually came on ships that were chartered by the Church. The groups were very well organized and under the direction of priesthood leaders. The wiki at gives this information on emigration from Norway:

     In the mid 1860s, large numbers of people began leaving Norway on steamships. Most emigrants sailed to Hull, England; then traveled by train to Liverpool, England. From there they sailed to the United States and Canada. Steamships took only two to three weeks instead of three months, so emigration increased. During this time period 700,000 people left Norway.
     After the mid-1860s, most Norwegian emigrants left through the ports of Kristiania (Oslo), Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

When I knew the date she left Oslo, Norway for Hull, England, I then had an idea when to look on the New York Passenger Lists for her arrival in America. I found her arriving in New York 16 Sept 1879. Here is an image of the record:

She is listed as Martha Peterberg, age 26 and a spinster. She is passenger #107 in steerage. I don't recognize any names of other travelers. At least she had other family members waiting for her in America although I am not sure if she went to Utah or Idaho.

I next have her listed in the 1880 U.S. census, living with her father and sister in Oneida County, Idaho. She is listed as Matilda, her sister as Beatrice and her father as Ole Peterson. Even with the inconsistencies, I think this is the correct family.  The girls' ages are correct and the most convincing evidence is that they are living two houses from her brother, Emil and his family. They are on p. 18B, dwelling #162, family #164, and on lines 39-41.

I don't have much information about her after 1880. I hope that by posting this information I might connect with others who have things to share. I have that she married Jacob Jensen and William Charles Millard. I don't have accurate information to post, so I hope I can do that in the future.

Here are the 3 extra pictures of her. I am not proficient in using an image editing program. That is next on my "to do" list! These untouched photos will have to do for now. The information about the photo is listed underneath each picture.

Picture provided and used by permission of D.R.

The children have numbers on them and the information is written on the back.
Left to right, back row: Ada M., Anne Mathea, Oliver E., William Charles, Pearl
Three children in front: Lilia, Ethel, William H.
The baby, Lilia, was born in Aug of 1882 which means this picture was taken the later part of 1882.

Picture provided and used by permission of D.R.
Left to right, back row: Ada, William H., Ethel, Oliver, Lilia
Front row: Anne Mathea, Levean, Pearl holding her daughter, Hazel, Carl, William Charles
I found that Hazel was born in 1906, so again I am supposing this picture was taken in 1906.

Picture provided and used by permission of D.R.
This is a picture of Anne Mathea and the three grandchildren she raised. Her daughter, Ada, passed away in 1918 and Ada's husband, Joseph Bradford Kendall, Jr., died the next year in 1919. 
Theone is the son, Lula is the oldest daughter and Bertha, the youngest.

I have enjoyed learning about Anne Mathea and I look forward to learning more about her as I continue with my research and connecting with more cousins.

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