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Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Information on the Petterborg Farm

It happened again--a cousin, reading the blog, shared new information about the Petterborg farm. The cousin is R.S. She speaks Norwegian, works part of the year as a consultant on the International floor at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and has really helped me in the past.
Thank you, again, R.S. for sharing your expertise.

I wrote here about not being able to find when Ole and Maria moved onto the Petterborg farm. R.S. sent an email with the information. Here is what she said:
Here(below on this blog) are two images from tinglysingsdokumenter (the court documents). The first is from the register or Mortgage book index, the second is from the Mortgage book. This gives the date Ole Olsen leased the part of Prestegarden which was called Petterborg. They were dated the 29 January 1861 and read in court the 9 March 1861.
From The National Archives of Norway website
Above: Image of the Mortgage Book Index. Since this image is so small you can see the original image here. It is on the right hand page, the next to the bottom entry.

Below: Image of the Mortgage Book document. The original can be seen here.  It is #10 on page 181.
          The document translates as: Lease document dated 29  January, court  dated 9 March 1861, from Priest Wille to Ole Olsen at (on) the place,  Petersborg. (That is the way it is spelled there).

From The National Archives of Norway website

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